In BPM ,how to enter next process after user save the data

my boss want click save button to enter next process
Rather than use ‘procActionsFrame’

and how skip process to enter next process?

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By “next process” you mean next process step, right? You can use the ProcessRuntimeService.completeProcTask() to complete process tasks from your code. procActionsFrame does it in the background - you may look at the ProcActionsFrame implementation.
According skipping the steps of the process, I think, you should put the gateway with some condition into the process. If the condition is satisfied, then the process will go to the step1, if not then to step2

yes , Thanks!
I found the ProcessRuntimeService but don’t found completeProcTask() in document .
CUBA Platform. BPM subsystem is incomplete!

processRuntimeService.completeProcTask(procTask, outcome, comment, processVariables);
what’s the processVariables?

You can find information about process variables in the Activiti user guide. For example, here:

but it’s poor about callactivity

now , I’m stoped of the called activity,
I don’t know how to start called activity

Sorry, I didn’t understand your question. Can you please explain in more details what is your problem

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how can i use “call activity” in cuba’s BPM?