Import private repositories from nexus

I have created a private repository in nexus and uploaded my own jar library.
Next i have added cuba-group and southwest-group to the project in Cuba-Studio.
Then I have build the project with Assemble Project.
My private repository is not loaded.
I tried to remove all from studio cache. Cuba Studio discovered this and asked me to edit repositories and import libaries.
All libraries was loaded from my private nexus repo except for my own repo.

The repo pom.xml is as follow:

This is how it is set up in Cuba Studio

Any suggestions?

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Finally I managed to solve the problem.
I had to add the repository and the add the library i want in the advanced tab Global module or where I want to use the library.

A hint to others. Here is an example of how to add the library the correct way:

By the way: what is the difference between Gradle and Maven in the dialog window where we add
new libraries to ex. Global Module?

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