Import log in the Import data add on

Hey ,

So I imported few documents through Data Import add on but the import log shows no record for the same.
Can you please help me out with this.


Hi Aditi,

can you elaborate more, did the data get imported at all or not? also there is yet no log in the add-on, there’s a summary that shows how many records get imported.

Hey Tarek,

So the import I am trying to achieve is happening , i can see the changes in the respective screens but what if I have to change something in the imported file that can only be done through the import logs right, but the import log screen is empty for me.
I’ll attach the screenshotScreenshot%20(286)Screenshot%20(298)

Hi Aditi,

your are right, i have the same issue too. I believe the import addon specially the logging part is still under development.

Hi Tarek

Thank you so much for the help.I hope the issue is resolved soon or else we wont be able to make changes to the imported documents.



can you elaborate what you mean by:

What do you want to change on the imported document? And what do you expect to happen when you change something in this document?


This is correct, logs don’t appear to work. I have been getting an error related to uploading a file that tells me to check the log, but there are no logs when go to the log section.

This add on is so useful it would be nice to see if rolled into the standard platform. I have been putting in on every project.

Great work!

This actually means the server logs (app.log). There you will find more information about the error or exception. But you are right - this could be more clear.



So whenever i have to make changes to the imported document its shows check the log for more details. when we check the log it does not have any record for the document uploaded


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