Images between scalable Modules

How can I bring Images which is in one module to another module?
I have created one Module (Base Platform). In this Base Module I have created a folder
"global.images", then I have one Module (Business) which uses the (Base Platform).

How can I access the images contained here in other modules which is related to Base?

If you store some resources in the source tree of an application component, you can access them in the same way from the component and from a target application, because the resources will be in CLASSPATH in both cases.

Or do you mean web theme images?

I have added images path and name as constants in the core module and saved the images in a folder in core module. I can create different constants i other modules to and access the images through the constants. This problem is solved.

But you came up with a interesting question here to. How do I use themes between modules?

You can have web themes in app components. All resources from all components will be merged in a single file structure in the target app. So app components can provide images just by placing them for example in modules/web/themes/halo/images folder.

Important note - the target application must extend a theme, only in this case app component themes will be merged into it.