IllegalStateException error


As i mentioned above it is showing error on cuba admin dashboard…why it is happening tel me anyone to fix the issue…


Nobody can tell you what goes wrong having such a little bit of information. Generally, this exception happens when calling an association property of an entity A, which was not mentioned in a view while loading this entity.

Find more information in already existing topics:


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Hi ,
As i asked before i didn’t give much information about the issue. Here i add the view what i have in my code…pls tel me what i missed in the group and edit view…while edit and click ok in the access group in admin panel it is showing the error…

err view-edit view-group

Probably you have wrong code in your ext-group-browse.xml screen descriptor file. Maybe it’s not loading data with necessary “group.browse” view.

I have prepared a quick demo project with ExtGroup and two added fields to the group editor. It works fine. Take a look: (87.1 KB)

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Here i added the file of the ext-group-edit and browse.xml file… as you mentioned before in ext-group-browse.xml what i need to add?

Still im facing the illegalStateException issue… (1.9 KB)

Given these two files that you’ve presented - they can not be investigated outside of other files (views.xml, screen controller, data model).

I will be able to advise something if you create some small demo project that reproduces the problem.
E.g. you can take my project as a basement and enhance with your code, or create your own.

Such project can then be zipp-ed by running command “gradlew zipProject” in Terminal tool window.

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Hi alex,
I was just run sample application what u have sent before…in that also same issue happened…i have attach the issue below…Under the access group select Division15 and edit it…Then click ok…that time that error will come…same error only i’m facing (87.1 KB)

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I have reproduced this exception.
It does not related to the entity extension. It is a bug in the platform. I have posted a ticket to GitHub: Unfetched attribute exception in the Group Browser · Issue #2912 · cuba-platform/cuba · GitHub
Thanks for reporting.


Hi alex,
Thanks for ur update man…

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