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I’ve just updated a few projects to latest 6.6 version and I have a big problem.
Images (by your samples) are not showed in the embedded fields, just the upper part is showed.
Like file corruption, wich is not, just checked, filestorages are ok.
If I try to download I get the error in the image, where you also see the part of the image that was loaded when edit screen was opened.
That does not happen in Studio development, so I went ahead and updated some apps in production.



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Hi Pedro,

What application server do you use and what version? How do you deploy the app (exploded WARs, WARs, single WAR, etc.)?

Hi Konstantin

Apache Tomcat on Centos 7.
I deploy 2 WARs .war and -core.war.
This was functioning well on Cuba 6.5

It’s Apache Tomcat 8.5.5 on Centos 7, forgot the Tomcat version

I would suggest upgrading to the latest Tomcat 8.5 (at least to 8.5.14 which we use) before any further investigation.

Hi Konstantin

I did exactly that, thanks for mentioning the upgrade.
I upgraded to 8.5.20, latest version, whith best hopes.
But I have exactly the same problem.

OK. Could you share the code of loading images?


We’ve found that these changes cause the issue with file streaming from core to web tier. The will fix it and release bug fix version as soon as possible. Thank you for reporting the problem! You can track the status here

Single war deployment is not affected by this problem, so you can use it as a workaround.

No need. We have found the cause, see below.


I can confirm that the problem is solved in 6.6.3.

Thank you Yuriy, Konstantin
Best Regards

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