IDP addon for Jimx

Hi Team,

Is there an alternative for IDP of CUBA in Jmix?
Or is there any guide for SSO in Jmix?

Please suggest.


Hi Ray,

Not yet, but it’s on our roadmap.
BTW, are you more interested in using an instance of Jmix app as an Identity Provider, or using an external Identity Provider like Keycloak?


Hi @knstvk ,

We made a short discussion about IDP for Jmix. We consider it’s better to provide an IDP addon for Jmix, because:

  1. Migrating from CUBA will be easier.
  2. IDP is important for modern business applicstions,if we provide IDP ,Jmix will be more complete , and more easier for using.
  3. If user want to extend the IDP ,it 's easy because of they are familiar with Jmix.

For me , i used Spring Boot Authentication Server as our IDP , it works fine and easy. Maybe the IDP for Jmix can base Spring Boot Authentication Server.

We thought another important feature for IDP
is allowing heterogeneous applications to intergate. For large company,they have much applications developed with different technolagy, this feature is important for them. And maybe Jmix IDP addon will grow to another generic product for authentication like Keycloak. :grinning: