Ideas for solving a problem with the SAAS system

I have the following problem and I look for ideas to help me resolve the issue.
It’s necessary to develop a SaaS system, which has a component that must work synchronized with the cloud and locally. I have thought about solving it in the following way:

  1. A system that can control and manage the entire SaaS software license by exposing web services.
  2. The SaaS system where customers can interact and manage their information which has communication with the system of point one and point 3.
  3. The same system 2 packaged with UberJar, and activating a parameter that indicates that its storage is local and therefore activate all the API necessary for communication with the cloud.
    In summary, there would only be two different systems, one for the control of licenses and user access and the other with deployed in the cloud and by means of parameters to allow their local operation and stored in the cloud.
    Is this solution viable without having to develop a desktop application? Is it an ideal scenario? Any suggestions or ideas about it?

I’m open to any possible suggestion in favor of making the system quick and viable for me and the client.

Best regards

Nelson F