Ideas about screens

I have a few improvements which would make Cuba/J-Mix for me a more complete RAD-Tool. There could a few more screens/wizards to give it a rich feel and make wizards for repetitive tasks.

  • When using a table/datagrid/ editable mode there much time spend on creating custom generated columns. Sometimes it is as simple as creating a dropdown.
  • Easily creating ordered items (in datamodel aswell as in the screens).
  • When defining a new project it would be nice for new users to select a quickstart like the PetClinic app or maybe a new sample project.
  • New screens for:
    ** Login screen and register screen in one
    ** Password reset
    ** Master detail with editable grid
    ** More types of main screens
    ** Add-ons like chats, maps etc.

Thank you for your suggestions.
We will consider them when planning new improvements for Jmix.

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