Idea for the reporting interface

Hi There,

I’m currently working on some business reports in the (excellent) CUBA reports interface.

To shorten the workflow for HTML reports, it would be great if the facility exited to edit templates directly from the reporting suite. At the moment I’m editing them in a text editor, uploading them and then re-running the report each time to check changes I’ve made.

This is less of an issue when the report is mature and only needs slight changes, but in the initial phases of report building I find I’m doing quite a lot of trial and error with iterating through my data / converting values etc so having the ability to edit the template directly from the application would shorten the workflow by quite a large degree.

However, regardless of this, it’s an excellent tool and I’m finding it very handy indeed.

Many thanks.

Thanks for the good idea!
I think it can be quite easily implemented using our integrated AceEditor. We’ll certainly add it to our roadmap.

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: