I dont understand the sense of mandatory for a boolean field

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as you can see on my topic. For example, I describe an entity, which have boolean fields, which have to be mandatory.
When I open the create browser, I can “check” this field for the boolean or not, but it make no change if I save it. I can let it unchecked or checked. It would be same like I have an boolean field, which is not mandatory, because if I not check this field, it means automatically that the mandatory condition is ok, because I set the value like “false”.

So I hope you understand, what I want to say, I dont understand, what is the sense of mandatory for a boolean property, if I can check/uncheck this value and safe this instance like one, without a mandatory property of boolean, there would be no differences as I see.



Boolean can be true, false and null. If boolean field is mandatory then default value is false, otherwise null.

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In other words, mandatory boolean attribute can be either false or true, but never null.