HTTPS configurations

Hi team,

My system is using SSO of CUBA 6.10, which have 1 IDP and multiple SPs. Now the boss request to change from HTTP to HTTPS in all web apps. So i’m trying to modify configurations, do you have a guide regarding how to do this in an SSO env? Typically, for example, I’m going to change below properties,

cuba.restApiUrl = http://${}:${server.port}/${project}-portal/api
cuba.webAppUrl = http://${}:${server.port}/${project}
cuba.webPort = ${server.port}

Do you think it’s safe to modify them just replace http with https and the port using 443?


You also need to set correct cuba.web.idp.baseUrl property on service providers. IDP should use https in cuba.idp.serviceProviderUrls too.

Do not forget to set up SSL in your Tomcat / Jetty / app server.