HTTP 404 - Not Found (Polymer and Tomcat)

Good Morning,

I am trying to launch my developed app with Polymer, and when I pick up Tomcat I miss this error.

Can anyone know what is happening?


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does the problem still persist?

Good morning,

Yes, the error keeps appearing. The thing is that when doing the deploy of the app in Cuba Studio to get the Tomcat and other, works great. But when you can access to the link, to see the app, that error appears, and I see that in the deploy folder that is generated in my directory, does not contain any index.html, can that be the failure?
If so, how do I generate the index.html that I want?

It’s weird, because when you create the deploy folder, there’s no index.html inside it, however, if I take and enter an index.html that acquires all the dependencies of the components and so on, everything works perfectly. But of course, it is not normal that I have to introduce the index.html myself inside the folder, that’s why I have these doubts.

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Could you please provide more information about your problem? Which version of the platform and Studio do you use? How did you add the polymer module to the project?