HTML to PDF tables rendering on top of eachother.

I have been developing some HTML reports in Cuba and am having an issue with my tables rendering on top of each other. This only seems to happen when I use the float property to render tables side by side. I have confirmed my HTML works when viewed as HTML and have also run it through a third party HTML to PDF converter (HTML2PDF) and it also renders correctly. I was wondering if you are using a third party converter and if so which one so that I may research to see if others are having a similar issue with it or if it is in house has any one else seen this behavior?

PS. I have found that this only occurs when following a table using “float” with another table that does not use “float”. I have tried using “
” but this does not seem to affect anything. I was able to solve my problem by just using the “float” property on all of my tables and making them large enough to force them to a new line, however I feel this is still a bug that needs to be reported.

Hi Corey,

We use flying-saucer-pdf 9.0.6 as HTML to PDF converter.

Could you provide HTML template for reproducing the problem?

Subbotin Andrey

Apologies it took so long for me to respond, I was pulled off of this task temporarily. I have just tried re-running these reports and do not seem to be having the issue anymore. I am not sure what has changed as my templates have remained the same but the overlapping issue is gone.