HSQLDB Collation


We have a HSQLDB and we have realised the GUI data filter control is case sensitive. We need this to become case insensitive, particularly when the user selects the filter ‘=’. I assume this is changed via the database collation, however I am unsure a) if this is correct method and b) if it is the correct way then how do you change the HSQLDB collation in Cuba.

Thanks in advance.

You can use contains instead of =. It is case insensitive by default.

Please do not use HSQL DB for real applications. It has a lot of drawbacks and does not support many features of SQL. It should be used only for prototyping.

Thanks for the prompt response Yuriy and I acknowledge your comments relating to the use of HSQLDB in a live environment.

Do you have a recommendation for the best live database to use with Cuba (preferably the easier integration with Cuba the better). We are swaying towards Postgre & MySQL but would welcome your thoughts.

Thanks in advance.

Usually, we recommend PostgreSQL as modern DB engine, because we widely use it for our projects. MySQL is a good choice too. Both of them are fully supported by CUBA Platform along with Oracle and MS SQL.

Please be aware that when using MySQL with CUBA you will not be able to create unique indexes for soft-deleted entities easily. See explanation here.
So PostgreSQL is preferable.