HowTo (BPM): configure a custom form for the start event


I try to configure a custom form for the start event of a process. I implemented the ProcForm interface. Now, I found in the documentation (chapter 5.2.2 of BPM subsystem manual) that the custom form has to be configured inside a file bpm-app.xml (app property bpm.formsConfig). I have several questions concerning this:

  1. Do I have to insert the bpm.formsConfig property in the file of the core module?
  2. Where (in which directory) do I have to create the bpm-app.xml file?

Can anybody help me?

Thank you,


Sorry, we missed this question somehow. I understand that you probably don’t already need the help, but for others who will come into this topic, the answer may be helpful.

  1. bpm.formsConfig property should be defined in the file of the web module
  2. app-bpm-forms.xml file should be put under the src directory of the web or the gui module