How to use a given stylesheet scss in cuba?

Hi friends,

I did this tutorial:

Everything works now. But I would like to use an “given stylesheet scss”, with functions, variables and images.

Here is an Picture of it:


In the facebook-ext.scss file, I include everything from “mystyle” like:

@import "../mystyle/_mystyle-fonts";

@import "../mystyle/_mystyle-icons";

@import "../mystyle/_mystyle-variables"; 

also the functions, mixin and so on…

is this right? How I can add the images? And also change the icon? the style changes, but its not 100 % that, what I need.

About any help I would be thankfull

Unfortunately, you cannot adopt existing SCSS themes from another frameworks such as Bootstrap. You can reuse only Vaadin themes or adopt Halo theme using variables and CSS rules. Vaadin UI has its own specific DOM tree for each component thus there is no way to use Bootstrap themes.