How to skip the login screen and directly take to you to homepage

Good day
I don’t know if it is possible but I want to build a web app that when run, it should direct the user to the homepage without login. But put a button that allows the user to log into the web app for more functionality.
Is it possible? If possible please how do i go about it?

Thank you in advance


In order to route the user to the main window, passing the login window, you need to to customize functionality of App in your project, i.e. create a class extending DefaultApp in the root package of your web module and register it in web-spring.xml as the cuba_App bean, for example:

<bean name="cuba_App" class="" scope="vaadin"/>

Then you need to override the routeTopLevelWindowId method and return the id of the main window (or whatever you prefer):

protected String routeTopLevelWindowId() {
    return "mainWindow";

You can find a demo project on GitHub.


Thank you for your response @gorelov
It works.