How to show only one value in dropdown based on Users and Roles

Hello Cuba Team,

Till now i found how to allow and deny particular screen for role in cuba studio.
But now for ex: I have COUNTRY dropdown in that I have “Ethiopia”, “Uganda” countries. I have two roles called CFP1, CFP2. If I login with CFP1 then in COUNTRY dropdown it needs to show only “Ethiopia” and If I login with CFP2 then in COUNTRY dropdown it needs to show only “Uganda”. How can I work on dropdowns for particular role in cuba studio.


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Here COUNTRY is Enum


You can use Access Groups instead of Roles for this purpose. Just set the constraints for certain enum values, see the example on the screenshots attached.



Please check this answer also. It seems to be relevant for your case too.

I set the upper screenshot (in my case {E}.type = 30) but the user still have access to all Enum values.
The answer Denying of DropDown values in Access Roles - CUBA.Platform is working.