How to show createTs field


I have a table with entities and I’d like to show createTs filed in one of the column. Entity has a link to FileDescriptor. So in order to have an ability to download file I’ve created a separate view(extended from _local) with enabled file descriptor field and set it as a data source view for entity.
After set a custom view for a table studio do not allow me to choose createTs field. In case the view for DS is not set I can choose this field but the editor getItem() method returns entity without fieldDescriptor.
I understood there is a small issue in my configuration but can’t find it. Can you please help me?

In your view definition, select the “System properties” checkbox. It will be reflected in the “systemProperties” XML attribute of the view.

This indicates that the view includes all “system” attributes inherited from BaseEntity, Updatable, SoftDelete interfaces.

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So simple! Thank you