How to set ssl-variables for app in server?

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I want to ask, if you have a tip for me, how I should set ssl, when I deploy an app and push to server? Now, I have a variable to my certificate in java runtime argument, but the path to it, is just local.
I need to use this certificate also, when I build a .war file.


Your question is not clear on the requirement or the technologies your using so I will make the assumption that you are trying to secure your application using https on port 443. You would like your app to be accessed at url something like

If you are wanting to get a https web server up, you can use elements of this recipe. Note, download the file for the actual commands. The recipe is for Ubuntu, Apache + Tomcat + mod-jk and Lets Encrypt (for certs) and it’s a recipe so you will use the pieces needed for your requirement.

You do not have to anything special in your as Apache handles the ssl certs and mod-jk will communicate from Apache to Tomcat. i.e. Apache uses https on port 443 and Tomcat runs using http on port 8080. Apache is a reverse proxy with mod-jk connecting Apache to Tomcat.



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See also this excellent tutorial: How To Encrypt Tomcat 8 Connections with Apache or Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04 | DigitalOcean