How to set fileStorageDir outside the project folder

Hello guys, have anyone tried to set cuba.fileStorageDir outside the project directory?
I did and got the following exception File Storage is currently inaccessible. I have many CUBA projects that are hierarchically built (one on top of another) but use the same database - so i need them to share the same uploaded files.

I tried to specify either the full path like cuba.fileStorageDir = /Users/codrin/studio-projects/scope-files/filestorage, /Users/codrin/studio-projects/scope-files/backup/filestorage and the relative path to the tomcat folder like …/…/…/scope-files/filestorage and I get the error mentioned above

Do you work on *nix?
The probable reason could be that the user who launches tomcat has no write access to the “filestorage”.
Try to do chmod 777 with the filestorage directory and check whether the problem persists.
Do not forget to revert access rights after testing.