How to set an entity attribute's length when the attribute's type was String Enum

I found when the attribute’s type was String Enum,the DLL will be “varchar2(50)”.
I added “length = 10” in entity source,but it seemed not work.How can i set the length?

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Now you can change the column length only directly in DB init script: modules\core\db\init\oracle\10.create-db.sql. But if you change something in this entity, Studio will rewrite the DDL for this table, and your manual modification will be lost.
In the next Stduio version (2.1), we have implemented a setting to specify a length of columns for string enums.

I got it ,tks.

I also would like to set a custom length restriction for the database column of a string enumeration attribute.
Was this implemented in CUBA Studio?

Yes. Please see Help > Settings > Column length for enums with ID of String type.

Thank you very much!