How to run the Jespa sample in CUBA guide line


I followed this sample code at Including the Library - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual to integrate Jespa with CUBA. But I don’t see any guide line how to run this sample code from CUBA.
Anyone has the idea?

Hung Vu

Hello @hungvu

Could you clarify what guideline you want to find? The page you shared describes what should be done to be able to integrate Active Directory authentication into CUBA App using Jespa library. So you should just copy a class from docs and configure integration.


I tried to sample with the login form from CUBA. Every time I ran the CUBA app, it requires me to login again. If I logged in to my Windows account, I think I should logged in automatically when I ran the app.
I’m not sure whether my thinking is right. That’s why I want to have a sample from UI.

Hung Vu

No, it will not login you automatically. It just allows you to use ActiveDirectory creds to log in into app

I can’t log in to the app with my Windows account although I followed the guide.

Could you share a sample project that you use to test integration? Have you checked logs for some errors?