How to rename generated excel from reports?


How to rename the generated excel from the run reports with file name and time stamp?



Are you talking about name of the output file?


You can change name of the output file in the report’s Template Editor (can be accessed from the Report Editor):


To add, for example, current timestamp you can use the value from the report’s band (documentation) in output name pattern.


Thanks Daniil,

I already set output name pattern as “test.xlsx”,While downloading the file it is coming as test.xlsx,“test(1).xlxs” and etc.
But I need it as test_TimeStamp.xlsx(Eg: test_07062017_0532123.xlsx)

It is working fine.

Thank you.

You are welcome

My chart is downloading as amCharts.jpg, how can I download it as test.jpg ?

To change the name of the downloaded file, you need to set the required name to the report being run.