How to "rebuild" the relative screen after editing an Entity

Hi, I am new to CUBA , and I found it’s awesome!
But now I don’t konw how to “rebuild” the screen of the entity I just modified , do I need to remove the old screens and then “New -> Screen” again ?

Thanks !


The rebuild action would be very dangerous in many cases, as the screen can have a lot of additional logic, that may be lost after such “rebuild”. But, there is some features in CUBA Studio, that can help you to keep your screen up to date.

If you rename entity attribute name with screen designer, or with rename refactoring (Shift+F6) it also will be renamed in all screens.

If you added some new attributes to entity, navigate cursor to the attribute, press Alt+Enter and select Add entity attribute to screen. Than you can select screens, you want to add attribute to.

Thank you very much !
I couldn’t agree more with what you said ! :grinning: