How to rebase the Database Scripts

Hi all,

I’ve been stuffing around with a project for some time now and the database scripts have grown and grown. Is there a way to rebase the scripts and start afresh as I don’t need the updates etc.


There may be a better way, but I clean the updates by:

  1. Commit any changes in core/db/update to git (So I can revert).
  2. Drop the database.
  3. Delete the folders in core/db/update.
  4. Delete the deploy folder as there are update files cached. You could locate the folder where the update files are cached and delete that specific folder … I just re-deploy and build everything from scratch.
  5. Create the database again from studio.
  6. Deploy from studio to create the deploy folder.
  7. Commit the changes to git.

I am now ready to make more changes.




Thanks for the steps to do this.