How to personalize the default screens and layouts for our organization?

We would like to create our own default screens and layouts for our organization in order to push our standard graphical & ergonomic charter.
The idea is that these default screens should be taken when a developer create a new app, instead of the default CUBA screens (main screen, editor screen and browse screen).
It it possible to do it in CUBA and if yes is there a guide somewhere that explain it ?

Thank you !

Hi @richard.thibault,
I think my organization context is similar to yours. I’ll explain some things we have done that are related to your question.

We have created multiple application components to implement common features required for all our applications:

  • SSO: to replace cuba login and use our enterprise SSO solution (keycloak)
  • Cuba Translations: custom component including our default locales translations (portuguese BR and spanish)
  • Theme: custom theme adhering to our organization standards
  • Base: Component that has all the previous components as dependency and include additional standard implementations that must be shared between our applications.

In previous Cuba versions (until 6.10) it was possible to create custom screen templates and use these templates to generate new screens (instead of the standard cuba ones). Sadly, it is not yet implemented in version 7.X (take a look at this topic).

We still have to copy and paste some things whenever we create new projects (we didn’t create some sort of archetype for new projects) and new screens (because it is not possible to create custom screen templates). For the screens, it is possible to use screen mixins (and include them in the Base component) to implement common behaviour and reuse in multiple projects.


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After Studio 14 release you will be able to copy standard screen templates and modify them to a certain extent, to fit your needs.
These modified templates are saved inside of the project.


Hi @AlexBudarov

That’s good news, we are in the same case. We have got out from scaffolding many years ago and now we have to always delete all generated xml code for browse and edit screens to copy/paste ours.

When will studio 14 be released ?


Current plans are - in June.