How to open screen link with a token

I have a screen, and I want provide another mobile app an url and a token, so that the app can directly open my screen without login step; through mobile app, not from browser.
I have the screen link works in browser with a logged in session, but fail in app side, while app call the link with token, it open the url default page, not my wanted screen.

The url with token looks like:$ExcelTableO-EQP-1.browse&params=screenLinkOpen:true,formCode:O-EQP-1?idp_ticket=xxxxxxxx

with this url, there is a warning in logfile:
com.haulmont.cuba.web.AppUI - Unable to process the external link: lastRequestParams not found
in session

Maybe I did not pass token param corrently?

BTW I am using idp token with cuba6.6.4

Hi @anjingjing

Did you solve this? If yes, could you please let know how?

Are you referring to the idpTicket usage? or screenLInk?