How to make text in htmlbox selectable?

I have a dialog with a scrollbox containing and htmlBox which displays a pretty vanilla html file. The text in the dialog is not selectable. How can I make it selectable?

Hi Jonathan,

you can enable text selection in any UI component using user-select CSS property.

  1. Create theme extension using Studio
  2. Set stylename attribute of a component from Studio (or XML or programmatically) to some-selectable-style (your name of selectable style).
  3. Define some-selectable-style in halo-ext.scss file located in web/themes/halo//:

.some-selectable-style {
  // just syntax sugar for user-select: text for all browsers
  @include user-select(text); 

Then you can start your application and try to select text in the component with stylename some-selectable-style.

Thanks. That worked well.