How to make long string visible as a popup in a non-generated table column?


I would like to be able to see a long string from a table cell in a popup view.
The table column that contains the string is not generated at init but rather declared in the descriptor.

This works for my extended attachments controller if I set the maxTextLenght to 30 for the comment column in the xml descriptor. However, it does not work in the ProcTasksFrame.

This is what I want to achieve everywhere:

This is what I get in the ProcTasksFrame with maxTextLength 30:

extra info: I’m using platform version 6.8.7 and google chrome.

Any leads on how I can get this done ?


Since there is no other option I ended up extending the ProcTasksFrame to change the maxTextLenght in the xml descriptor. It’s the only way that I found to make it work.

If anyone has a better solution, please share.