How to make an inform table


I need to make a table which is only for inform users. Values which are in the table won’t change and user can’t change.
I need a table like this:

This is looks like GridLayout, but I need the borders, and the cells to be as big as the text and the text should be in the middle of the cell horizontally.
I need the header to be blue backgrounded, and as I saw I can’t set stylename at that row…

Can you help me how to do it? Should I use HTMLBox?


What business case are you pursuing?

Your task is more like a report or an email with html markup, examples of which are given in the documentation.


This table isn’t a programmed stuff, it is just a constant thing on one of my screens. I need it to inform user how he should fill in the table. So the table what I need is only an additional table to the basic Cuba’s table. I want to put it on a blank screen, which can be opened from a button which is on an entity’s screen.

Then really try to use HtmlBoxLayout as part of the screen.
HtmlBoxLayout can be wrapped in Frame to use as part of the another screen.