How to make a single-editor in cuba?


I have a browse screen and editor screen,
when I click on “create” in browse screen, the editor screen will be opened.
What I like to have is, that just a “popup” will be open and that I can handle all in one screen, without changing the window

Does anybody have an idea?

Thank you

Hi Spamhater,
Better u can try to work a Browser and Editor Generic UI Screen.


why you think so?
What are the reason?

I solved now this:
just need to add this to the customer-browse.xml

Thats all

Hello @spamhater.alex

It seems that you are talking about master-detail screen. You can create it via CUBA Studio as usual:


Or you can force the window open as dialog:



Yes you are right.
But in fact,
I need it from source code without the cuba-studio,
but I found the solution, thank you