How to load the new browser in the controller

Hello Cuba Team,

I want to open dialog mode after click on ok, for that I am using

openWindow(“dialog_screen”, WindowManager.OpenType.DIALOG);

I have test-browser and files.

Now I want to open dialog_screen in test-browser of testController, for that I need to load test-browser data in dialog_screen, How can I achieve this.

Can any one help here.


Okay, so the only thing you need to do is invoke:

openWindow("screenId", OpenType.DIALOG, paramsMap);


Please find the attachments.

After click on ok, Now I am displaying Popup view and dialog mode of screen.

But I want to implement that Popup view data in the dialog type of screen.

(Like in Popup view I am using checkbox code that I want to display in the Dialog.)

Please help me here.




Hi Cuba Team,

Did anyone find this question.

Please help me here.


Hi! You want to open some browser screen with dialog mode from the other screen, am I right?

Yes Daniil.

Hi Daniil,

Now I am using popup view for showing some data in the xml file.
I have vBoxLayout inside popup view. Now I am displaying this vBoxLayout by using popview.

But I want to display the vBoxLayout in Dialog box after click on OK, instead of popup view.
Can you please say me how can I do this.


You can’t use VBoxLayout itself for this. To show some dialog you should create a screen to use it as dialog window.

Please check out the Dialogs, probably it is what you need.

Yes Daniil, For this I need to add this vBoxLayout to new screen that should properly work in that same controller.

Can you please help me here.

You can not use one controller for two screens. If you want to create a new screen you have to create a new controller.

But you can pass data from one controller to another via window params.