how to let CUBA support MySQL?

there isn’t MYSQL in the database drop down list ? how to let CUBA support MYSQL

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CUBA does not support MySQL out-of-the-box, just because we haven’t seen much demand in it yet.

However, you can use almost any DBMS supported by OpenJPA in your project, as explained in the documentation. This can be achieved in two steps:

  • In CUBA Studio, you should select a DBMS close to your target (perhaps HSQL datatypes are most similar to MySQL).
  • At some point, when most of your data model and screens are ready, you should abandon Studio, switch to MySQL as described in the docs, and continue development in the IDE only.

We will consider MySQL support for the future versions of Studio.

hi konstantin,

i would give a +1 for a full support of mysql within cuba. Amazon just launched their 100% compatible version of mysql: Amazon RDS Aurora that could (at least in the cloud space) going to be a game changer. If it is not not that big of a deal to support mysql in studio, i would very much appreciate it.


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John & Patrick,

Because of many requests about migration of legacy systems to CUBA, we are currently working on the revese engeeniring tool, which will hugely simplify the process. It will enable creating entity model right from existing DB model.

Within the scope of this feature we are going to provide support for MySQL. Will let you know when it’s live.

John & Patrick,

We are happy to announce that CUBA Platform has support for MySQL since 6.1 version.