How to initialize Email Task parameters at runtime?


I’d like to be able to assign values to attributes like “To”, “From”, “Subject” etc in an Email Task at runtime.
I noticed in the advanced options that you can attach an Execution Listener to the task and I assumed I could initialize the task with values before it started but I couldn’t find any documentation on the execution listeners.

Does anyone know how to achieve this ?


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there are few examples of listeners usage in the Activiti documentation. Did you walk through them?

And according to the Email Task, it may not work because it is not integrated with CUBA emailer. But you can always send an email by the regular Service Task.

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I understand. Thanks for the links, I hadn’t found them.
Could you also tell me what components I can use in CUBA ?

Components for what? For email sending? If so then just search for the “email” in the documentation CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual

I meant the components that are integrated in CUBA as of this moment; not for email sending necessarily. Any component.

You mean how to use CUBA components from the business process? If so, then there is an example how to invoke spring bean methods from the process in the BPM quickstart. As an alternative, you may create your implementation of JavaDelegate class and specify it as Service Task handler in the process model (see Activiti User Guide). But in this case you’ll have to get CUBA components by the AppBeans.get(…) method.

I mean what components are integrated and I can use. For example I would need a Business Rule Task right now in my project but I don’t know if it’s integrated with CUBA yet. If not, what alternatives do I have to this ?

As for the rule task, then there is no any special integration except the one that is provided by Activiti itself. As for the alternative, see this answer