How to import Gradle project in Cuba Studio?

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I’m doing a project with Gradle and Spring Boot. My question is this: how can I import it in Cuba Studio so that the components of the front part can call the methods created in that project? If someone can help, it would be appreciated.

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Studio supports only projects based on CUBA Platform. You cannot import your Spring Boot project but you can add it as module in Intellij project if you define it in build.gradle file and apply plugin idea (as it is done for the standard modules of an application).

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I have developed the entire project with Eclipse. I can not use then the methods created, for example, for a button inside CUBA Studio?

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In this case use the same technique but apply plugin eclipse. Thus your spring boot project will be a module of CUBA project. Please note that you have to copy your project in a subfolder of cuba project.

Another option - simply use REST API for integration between applications.

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Thanks for your reply, and now. If I want to place my project in a productive environment, how do I take this project to the environment where I have to start the app?