How to hide FileMultiUploadField component

I want to hide the FileMultiUploadField component. When I set the visible property to false, I found that no corresponding HTML code was generated. How can I hide this component but use it normally (through the background API in controller)

Similar to CSS: {visibility:hidden;}
Not: {display:none;}

You can change component visibility in two ways:

  • Set visible="false" attribute in screen xml, e.g. <multiUpload id="multiField" visible="false"/>
  • In screen controller set multiField.setVisible(false); in some method


This is impossible in modern web browsers due to security reasons.

I just don’t want that button to be displayed, but I need the function. Visible = “false” will make the function unavailable

I’ve used JavaScript to control it, so I don’t want the upload button to display

I solved it by setting up CSS.