How to filter OneToMany relationship?

I have a screen with all products. A product has a ManyToOne relationship to a consumer and a consumer has a OneToMany relationship to it’s modules.
In the browse screen of my products I need to filter a specific value of the module.
The dataloader loads all products and in the used view there are all needed relationships configured.

The documentation of the filter says:
"The following entity attributes are ignored when properties element is used:

  • Collections (@OneToMany, @ManyToMany)."

I added a property to my filter but nothing happend:

<property name="consumer.modules.*" caption="Modules"/>

Can anyone help me please?
Thanks Reini

Hi Reini,

You should create a custom filter condition to join the to-many reference.
“Add search condition -> Create new…”
Set the following parameters:

See the help for the fields for more information.

You can save the condition in a new named filter: click the Gear button, then “Save as”.

Also note that you don’t need to define the whole object graph in the dataloader view to be able to use the filter. Moreover, it’s bad for performance, so consider making your view as narrow as possible.