How to extend Interactive Tour to make it usable with HELIUM theme

Cuba 7.2.13
Helium 0.3.1
Interactive tour 1.3.0
Java 11


  1. Installed Helium add-on
  2. Installed Interactive tour add-on
  3. Created login screen
  4. Created simple tour .json file and put a tour initialization into the login screen controller.
    But any tour tip looks like there are no styles for it when I enable HELIUM theme.
    Please could somebody show the better way to fix it?
    Screenshot 2021-04-21 180557


You need to extend the Helium theme and add tour related styles that you obtain from the tour addon, e.g.: This is necessary because helium and tour are two independent addons and Helium doesn’t include styles for specific addons.

The demo project that illustrates the fix: (109.1 KB)


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Appreciate for your well explained answer and sample. It helps a lot.