How to export reports from development instance into production instance

I noticed that there is NO option to export out the reports which we have defined so that it can then be loaded back into the Customer’s or production database. Does this means that the Reports is only for use by Customer Users or onsite Implementors ? What if we have developers who have created a set of standard operational or analysis reports in the shop and we want to install them into the customer’s instance ? Typically in our current software, we will use Report Writers to create the source code for the standard reports which is then installed on the customers servers. How are we suppose to work with Cuba to deliver standard reports as part of our application ?


The platform provides an ability to export and import reports. You can find the corresponding buttons on the Reports-Reports screen.

If the report is compatible with the data model of the project it should correctly work after the import. It means that you are able to create reports in your development environment and use them in production system afterward.

In the sample it is described how to import and use previously created reports for the ‘Library’ project.

If the approach does not fit you, please give some more details of the problem.

OK thanks. Didn’t notice the “icons” for Export and Import. It works.