How to enter JavaScript code on a screen (Cuba Studio)?

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I need to create a very simple screen in Cuba studio which only has a TextArea and a Button. The intention is that the function that this Button must perform is written in JavaScript and I can not put that code in the “Controller” section of the screen.

Someone know how to I can do?

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You can wrap your JS logic in a custom component:

In that sample, instead of using the ready-made jQuery plugin, you’ll have to put your own JS code, and create the appropriate glueing between server-side code and client-side JS.
If you don’t need any data on the server, you can simply leave the generated java files empty, and put your code in the *-connector.js file. Remember that jQuery is already included, so you can use it in your JS code.


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First of all, thanks for your response.
The second thing, what I’m really trying to implement is a Speech that transcribes what I say into text. So I only need a screen that contains a TextArea and a button, which when clicked, executes the action of the JavaScript code.

I have created the component and so on, but I do not know how to really implement it. Any more suggestions?

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This needs a bit more context:

Are you integrating this into an existing CUBA application?
If yes, presumably the text that will be “produced” by the speech recognition APIs, and placed into the input type=text control on the web page, should be also read by the server side code.

Otherwise, if you’re not going to use that text in any server-side code then… why CUBA? :wink:


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Sorry, but it’s complicated to explain. What I did was in a file.html put both the TextArea component and the button to start transcribing and below a small JavaScript code that is the one that performs the functionality. Well, that html launched on a local Tomcat works perfectly, but really the fact of transcribing what I need in the CUBA app that I will develop, that’s why I asked, because I do not finish understanding how to introduce this.

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Can we talk about this theme in Google Hangouts or similar? I need support, If you want we can talk in other platform :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry @jordi.gisbert.ponsoda, but what you’re asking is like 1-to-1 custom support, and this can’t be free…

The documentation page I linked before should be sufficient to accomplish your task, given that all you need is to synchronise a textarea contents, and the (working) example in that page is well explained.

My advices are:

  1. if you have enough past programming expertise, then you only need to invest more time in studying CUBA and the underlying technologies (in your case, especially Vaadin). I spent last year doing so, using my own (unpaid) time…
  2. if you’re in a hurry, and you’re doing this for a client/commercial project, invest an hour with CUBA personalised support: Jmix Store

Unfortunately I’m not (yet) ready to accept payments for remote consulting, so please refer to the official Haulmont consulting service.

Good luck for your project,