How to enlarge last attribute in browser screen

Hi dear community,

I have a problem:
When I open the browser screen for my entity, it show me all the attributes I need. But the last one is not shown complete like it should be. For Example it should be “Customer”, but in the browser Screen it only shows “Custom” for example.
And I want to ask, how I can “enlarge” the last one, that it will be displayed better…

Thanks a lot




Is there the horizontal scrollbar ? Table always tries to fit all the columns but if it cannot be done it will shot the horizontal scrollbar and you will be able to scroll to the required columns.

You can specify fixed widths for the columns but users may use different screen resolution and there is no guarantee that all your columns can be shown on screen without scrolls.

It would be great if you attach the example of this problem (project ZIP or just XML screen markup) then we will tell you how to fix it.