How to do Reporting on Free Edition of Cuba

Hi Guys,

Any alternative on reporting using free edition of cuba.


Hello, @Earl02

You can integrate any reporting library that is suitable for you, for example, Jasper Reports or Dynamic Reports.


Hi @tsarev,

Thank you for your reply. :slight_smile:




Do you have any idea how to solve this No suitable driver found for jdbc microsoft?

To solve the problem you should add required driver to the project dependencies.

Hi @tsarev,

So do you mean i need to add it on Core Module -> Maven right? mssql-jdbc 6.2.1.jre8

Yes, you are right. It seems that you don’t use MSSQL as a main DB so there is no suitable driver.

Hi @tsarev,

Its seem that its my fault. wrong url for ms sql.


Thank you very much for the support :star_struck:

You can also use YARG for report generation in you CUBA application. There are several topics on the subject.


Hi @iskandarov,

Thank Man… so far jasper is much easier for me to use and I never had any experienced with YARG. But i will also give it a shot though. :slight_smile: