How to design a solution for insert special character

For business reason, my customer needs input special charactor like in the picture below to web client screens.
And many screen need this feature.

I am thinking implement a frame contains buttons for each special charator, each button has listener to get the current focused component in current screen and put the special charactor into it.

But I face two problems:

  1. the frame containing the buttons load very slow, nearly 2000 buttons there.
  2. I put the frame into a pop-up window, how to get the focused componentId of the screen since currently user open the pop-up window.

Unfortunately, it is impossible due to limitations of Web Client. Code is executed on the server and there is no access to the currently focused UI component.

As a possible solution, you could implement JavaScript extension for TextField that will show Popup with symbols on right mouse button click.

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Thanks. Will try and let you know:)