How to delete portal module

I added a portal module to my project but decided I didn’t need it. What’s the correct way to delete it? I just deleted the modules/portal directory. Are there are any other changes, e.g. configuration files, that need to be changed?


generally there are two places of configuration to pay attention as well: settings.gradle and build.gradle.

Here you can see all files that contain portal in an example project:

When you remove the search results that are within the portal subdirectory and the two docker-image/… files, yu’ll end up with the above mentioned files.

Just remove the references and you should be good to go.


Thanks. Removing references to portal in settings.gradle and build.gradle resulted in Cuba Studio no longer thinking there was a portal module. I still have one block referencing portal in app-component.xml:

    <module blocks="portal"
        <artifact appJar="true"

Can I remove that section as well?

Yes, you should remove it too. But it is used only if you use your project as a component of another project.