How to create filter to show associated parent


As an absolute newbie, I’m just wondering how to achieve the following…

I have created a first small attempt of an app using Cuba and it contains entities for shipments and orders. What I would like to do is to be able to pick a shipment and show the orders that belong to that specific shipment in a separate browsing screen. In that same browsing screen I would like to add a dropdown (lookup/picker field) that lists all available shipments. So that when I pick another shipment in that dropdown, the browser will show the orders that belong to that shipment.

Till now I was not able to find a description or example that shows me how to do this. Maybe someone here can help.

Shouldn’t be to hard I suppose to get this done with a powerful tool like Cuba seems to be!

Thanks a lot!

Hi Max,

The simplest way to show entities linked to some entity is to use the RelatedEntities. See its online demo to quickly get an idea of what it is. It’s rather an ad-hoc solution and not very customizable.

See also examples of programmatic manipulation with screens in this application - it’s also available in Studio on the Samples tab.

If you still have questions, please create a small test project with your data model and attach it here along with an explanation of your problem.

Hi Konstantin,

Thanks a lot for your quick response! The sample app regarding programmatic application put me on the right track I think. I busy trying to use compositions now and it looks promising so far. Facing my next challenge now (how to make sure one sees only what one should see, depending on the partner the user belongs to). If I can achieve this as well, I will start building some fairly realistic prototype.