How to create a custom component "from scratch"?

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I need to add a picker field to my application where I can select from a set of predefined entries but the field should be a text field where you can also enter custom text that is not part of the predefined entires. So the picker just selects a value for the ease of use and writes it in the text field (string).
I did not find such a component and was wondering if we can create such a component with CUBA and use it in screens by using it in the layout xml?

Thanks for any pointers!

Hello, yes its possible in several ways.
You can wrap some existing JavaScript components, or you can make your own - composite component, but you can also make a facet or a fragment, depending on your needs.

Can even add them to the CUBA Studio pallete Support for Custom Visual Components and Facets in CUBA Studio - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual , but that’s not necessary to use them in XLM descriptors.

I think you need something like this, read carefully and try to recreate it, then move on your own:

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Thank you very much, I appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Hi Oli,

I’m guessing here a little, but it sounds like what you need is this one:

You can basically capture custom entries and then store the corresponding value in a string field. The initial options you can load when the screen loads and add to the options list.


Hi Mario,

Sorry for the late reply, I was on vacation :wink:
Thank you, that seems to be exactly what I was looking for!

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