how to control database scripts folder name

Dear CUBA team,
I’m new to CUBA and I’m trying to use custom app component to reuse some logic between applications. but I encountered a problem of DB scripts as below:
├── 10-cuba
├── 20-bpm
├── 20-reports
├── 50-sms
├── 50-user_center
└── 60-user_center
"user_center" is the name of my application. CUBA deployed DB scripts to 50-user_center and I introduced an app component later on named “SMS” after that CUBA start to deploy my DB scripts into “60-user_center” folder. This causes a lot of trouble when upgrading my testing and production DB.
My question is how can I control the name of folder CUBA uses to deploy DB scripts or control the DB folder name of app component I involved?

Thanks for your time

This problem was fixed in the last platform release - 6.5.5. See
Now the update mechanism compares only meaningful parts of names without the numeric prefix.

Thanks a lot for the timely response. But the link is not accessible now. I will check it later after it is back.

It should be working now.