How to connect Intellij Idea to premium repository?


I’ve purchased a CUBA Studio license. But now I don’t know how to connect Intellij IDEA to CUBA repositories using login and password (I know login and password).

The repositories remain unindexed in Idea, and I don’t know where to put login and password so that autocomplete worked in Idea.


IDE does not have to work with repository, it works with local files only. All libraries, including CUBA premium add-ons are downloaded (with sources) by Gradle when you run the task that creates IDE project files. You can execute it in Studio from Build > Create IDEA project files. After that, open *.ipr file in Intellij IDEA, and all sources will be properly indexed.

If it doesn’t work for you, please provide more detail on what are you doing.

Hi Konstantin,

I have done the same process that you have mentioned.
But still the not able to index in IDEA.

Please find the steps i have done.

  1. Created project in cuba platform version 6.5
  2. Bought premium cuba platform subscription for new version.
  3. Migrated the earlier version code to new version.
  4. Done Build–>Create IDEA project files.

Attaching the IDEA screenshot for your referecnce



Hi Konstantin,

I am able to resolve the issue. I have removed the project files and add again it is working now.

Thank you.